Some tips for Düsseldorf, Graz and Edinburgh

Duesseldorf If you ever go to Düsseldorf:

For a nice cup of coffee look for Woyton, there are a lot shops around. For a nice beer in the evening or to find a restaurant the Altstadt is a good place. Also in Flingern you can find some nice locations.

Steiermark If you ever visit the Steiermark (Styria):

Places to visit: Riegersburg, Gemeinde Hatzendorf
Things to taste: Neuherz Essige, Weingut Kapper, Zotter Schokolade, Vulcano Schinken
Facilities to use: Islandpferdehof Desput, Schloss Kapfenstein, Therme Loipersdorf

Graz If you ever go to Graz:

Look for a disco named Q if you like gothic, metal and punk. There are some cool locations around the Hauptplatz. Visiting the Schloßberg is a must, you have a beautyful view over europes culture capital 2003. The old city center is also worth a visit.

Scotland If you ever go to Edinburg:

For shopping try Cockburn Street, just off the Royal Mile. For a good cup of tea or a french coffee take Florentine (also off royal mile). The Grassmarket is nice too.

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